My name is Han and I'm the author of The Ultimate Guide to Programming Interviews.

I graduated from Boston University with a BA and MA in computer science in 2008, earning both degrees in 4 years. If you're interested, you can check out my course selections. After graduation, I spent some time working on my startup with two other friends, but it didn't pan out. Although I did some consulting and freelance work while working on the startup to help pay the bills, it wasn't enough and my savings were pretty depleted, so I was in the market for a job.

During this time, I collected as much information as I could about the job application process and potential programming questions in order to be fully prepared when it came time to interview. This preparation paid off as I got offers from 8 out of 10 companies I applied to. I'm now happily working at Lime Brokerage in Waltham.

I'm sharing this information for free now because as we all know, the economy sucks right now, so I can't exactly charge for this... But in all seriousness, I hope this guide helps you land a good job so that we can all have things go back to normal soon.

You'll notice that I use the pronoun 'we' on some pages of this site - I couldn't have made this resource without the help of my friends, who supported (and corrected!) me on many occasions. Shoutouts are on the credits page; thank you guys!

Please don't hesitate to give me feedback about anything - corrections, questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to my personal email address at han@programminginterview.com. I hope this site is a helpful resource and I wish you the best of luck out there!

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