Accepting and Rejecting Offers

When your negotiations have ended and you’ve decided to accept an offer, your work’s not quite done yet. Make sure to read the legal papers your employer gives - some have clauses that don't allow you to have any side work (like helping out family members with their websites, doing consulting gigs, etc.) so be careful to check for those, making sure that you won't violate any of the terms.

After you confirm that the legal agreements are acceptable, then you can safely accept the offer. You’ll need to keep in touch with your new employer to figure out your start date and sign employment paperwork such as non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements.

Also, don’t forget to be professional and decline your other offers. Make sure to contact each company representative that you’re turning down, thank them for their help, and let them know your decision. Not only is this common courtesy, but if you need to change jobs in the future (which is quite common in the tech industry), you’ll have a lot of choices available.

“I enjoyed speaking with you and although I am interested in your company, I’ve decided that right now it’s not the best choice for me. Thanks for your offer, I appreciate your confidence in my skills.”

That way, you’ll have a nice save game to start you off the next time you need to play.

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