Cloud Programmers

A major avenue of opportunity for any programmer today is writing for the cloud. Programmers that take
the opportunity to learn the tools of cloud computing can find themselves in high demand. Mot companies
that deal with large amounts of data are moving to cloud-based storage for backup, and a lot of those
companies are starting to realize that their software should also be non-local and cloud-based.

In addition, there are a lot of programming career opportunities opening up in the cloud storage sector. The
competition is growing in this market, and this means their cloud storage programming must stay cutting-
edge. This growing list of the best cloud storage
providers is a great way to start your job search. Learning to work on cloud software isn’t necessarily
going to take you forever if you have regular web development experience. But it’s going to be a little bit
of work to get up to speed.

If you want to really stand out in a programming interview, take some time to investigate cloud security.
This isn’t as sexy as other avenues that programmers might develop strong skills in, but a potential
employer will definitely appreciate someone who is familiar with cloud security terminology and
technology. Encryption and security protocols are vital to ensure that not only actual data is protected, but
that the cloud technology can be trusted. If a user doesn’t believe that her data is secure when using cloud
software or databases, then a cloud storage company, for example, could be dead in the water.

As far as cloud application development, this is truly a blue-sky market. Companies have just begun to
scratch the surface of what is possible when you are not limited by location, power or storage size. The
next giants in technology will be employing cloud developers to take them to unforeseen, and currently
non-existent markets.

When interviewing for a job with a company that is looking to develop applications in the cloud, or just
move current software to the cloud, make sure you are one step ahead. Even a basic knowledge of the
technology and what cloud programming entails will get you to the head of the line. If the company wants
new cloud apps, focus not only on app development, but also on scaling these new business app to the next
level of consumer involvement. Remember, the sky is the limit here, and an interviewer will appreciate
your vision. And you just might have yourself a new job.


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