Convenient SMS Tips You Probably Didn't Know About

Texting isn’t just for kids anymore. More and more adults are using their phones to send and receive SMS messages. But texters who use SMS messaging only to send messages to their colleagues, or their teens, are missing out on some great tricks any texting device can pull off. These work on any phone that can use standards texts, be they prepaid phones or iPhones on contract.

Get Reminded
Google Calendar lets users get appointment reminders by text and add new appointments and events by text, as well. In addition to active reminders, Google Calendar users can check their calendars for the day or get a reminder of their next event by text.

Find out Anything
Search Google by text? It’s simple. Text the query to 46645 (GOOGL) and receive a quick reply. Admittedly SMS searches of Google will never replace web searches, but this is a great trick when caught without a smart phone or near the limit of a data plan.

Keep Tabs on Twitter
Enabling a mobile phone in a Twitter account and setting device updates to “on” sets Twitter up to send updates by SMS message. To receive Twitter updates from friends and family, set device updates to “on” for each person. To broadcast Tweets by SMS, text messages to 40404.

Trigger an Action
If This Then That (IFTTT), a free service, automates actions such as adding an event to a calendar, creating a tweet, sending an email or posting to Facebook. IFTTT works by having users set a trigger, such as one of their Tweets being Retweeted. When the trigger occurs, IFTTT will perform an action, such as sending an email or changing a Twitter profile picture. One example on their website is sending an email that it’s raining.

Send Text Messages by Email
Sometimes it’s just easier to use a full-sized keyboard to send a text. To send an email from your PC, you just need to know your recipient’s mobile phone number and the carrier of their phone. Check SMS 411 to get the text messaging address for the specific carrier, and fire off that text. Remember, though, that replies will come to email and not to the phone.

Texting is a great technology. In fact, judging by the number of people glued to their phones in any public place, SMS messaging is one of the most popular technologies in use today, and that doesn’t even begin to count the teenagers. Hopefully these tips will make it even more fun for the BBM Generation.

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