Interviewer Psychology

Understanding interviewer psychology will greatly assist you in your job search. The most important thing to understand about an interview is that you are a salesperson and the product you are selling is your ability to provide the employer with your technical skills. As a result, don’t be modest about your achievements, concentrate on the positive, and don’t lie – you are selling yourself short otherwise.

The first element for a successful sale is confidence. If you aren’t sure of your ability to contribute to the employer, why should they have any faith in you? Expect success and maintain a positive, can-do attitude to let the interviewer know that you think you are capable for the position you applied for. It will reassure them greatly to know that you believe in your abilities.

The second element for a successful sale is to understand your customer’s needs. By putting yourself in your interviewer’s shoes, you can better express how you will be able to meet the interviewer’s needs, which differ depending on his or her position. As a result, you should try to figure out what position your current interviewer holds as soon as possible, in order to address any concerns they may have about your ability to fulfill their needs.

An interviewer who is a developer will want to see a knowledgeable and easy going teammate who will be a pleasure to work with both technically and socially. As a result, your main goal when interviewing with a fellow developer is to get along with them as much as possible and demonstrate your technical skill set so that they view you as a valuable addition to their team.

A manager looks for candidates who they like, who works well with the existing team, who makes their job easier, and who makes them look good. You need to uncover their unique hidden needs and address them in the answers to their questions. A good way to discover what they want is to ask focused questions, such as:
“How is the success of your department measured?”
“What qualities and skill sets would the perfect candidate have?”
“What is your biggest challenge for this month?”

By finding out what the manager needs, you can then provide examples of how you’ve achieved similar success in the past, demonstrating that you can also provide your knowledge and experience in solving the manager’s current problems. This insight will put you far ahead of most other candidates.

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