PDF Version of the Ultimate Guide

Hi, my name is Han and I'm the creator of programminginterview.com which I hope has helped you prepare for your interviews!

Just for you, I've compiled all of the website's material into a professional, clear, and easy to read PDF version packed with over 100+ pages of content for offline viewing on mobile and tablet devices so you can take it with you on the go. It's perfect for a quick review session while you're out and about, maybe even as a refresher on your way to the interview...

I'm offering the download of the PDF version on a "Pay What You Like" basis.

That's right - you get to choose the price!

The site has been a labor of love and I hope it's been of great use to you, but I realize that some of you are in difficult financial times especially since you're looking for work, which is why I was inspired to try this new payment plan. I suggest a $7.95 price but don't feel guilty if all you have is $2.14 in your Paypal account - anything will do and everything helps.

Anyways, just click the book cover below to go to the checkout page, where you can update the amount as you see fit and download the ebook. Hope it helps!


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